This should be the most exhilarating time of your life – no more work, you can travel, see family and friends more often… sounds like what we all want right now.

In fact, many Australians are very concerned that they will not have much to retire on, and especially after the recent GFC (Global Financial Crisis) quite a few Australians had to extend their retirement date because their superannuation and investment portfolios took a big hit and they could not afford to live their retirement years with a depressed asset value.

We often see this concern come into play for most Australians aged 50 years plus. However, the good thing is that the government have allowed various tax savings strategies that will transform what you would have ended up with, to something much bigger.

With the ever growing concern of having the mortgage paid off in time, the rising cost of living and the worry of whether you will have enough to live on during retirement – all of these questions can be answered from our comprehensive projection calculators and will be the best ammunition to gauge just what is required to have the retirement you are wishing for.

So don’t leave it to chance – we can tell you what can happen if you keep going the way you are now, and what impact our strategies can have for a better outcome. We also take into consideration the tax implications and government incentives to leverage your dollar further. Please remember that there are things you can do before retirement to prepare for a better retirement.

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