Margin Loans

There is another type of loan called the Margin Loan. A margin loan is a loan that is taken out with a bank with your share or managed fund portfolio used as security.

This type of loan facility needs professional guidance, and if treated and used properly, it can be an excellent companion to build your wealth portfolio. A good financial adviser will know how this can compliment your strategy, and explain how this can also work together with your loan arrangements.

How a margin loan works is that the loan must be kept within the agreed ratio at all times. This means that a good management system must be set up in order to maximise the leverage to create wealth and build in buffers to cater for fluctuations in the stock market.

Because we specialise in accelerated debt reduction and wealth creation strategies, if wealth creation is what you are interested in, we will set up the specialised loan structure, blend it with our purpose-built investment portfolio, and a full internet monitoring system to keep you on track each and every year.

Our services also include leveraging your wealth within superannuation and assessing your need for asset protection.

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