Always the most important thing for anyone but probably not taken as seriously as it should be. Statistics worldwide suggest that that 75-95% of people insure their car, but only about a third take out life insurance.

Why? Well the most common response was ‘too much effort’, ‘I’ll be OK’ and ‘it costs too much’.

Let us take the stress away and put in place a cover to protect yourself and your family. In many cases, the premiums can come out of your investments, NOT your pocket.

We believe that when we set up the entire wealth creation strategy package, it becomes important that all the hard work will not disappear in an unfortunate event.

Insurance will assist in paying off any loans outstanding, and even bolster up your future cash flow so that your responsible act of setting up enough funds to maintain your current lifestyle will forever be a legacy that you will pass onto your family, partner, children or a close friend.

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Client: Newaesthetic
Date: May 15, 2013
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