Home Loans

Mortgages and loans (whether you have defaulted in the past or not) are an integral part in accumulating of assets to buy your own home or investment property.

The big question is, did you set up the right loan? This can only be answered by understanding what you are trying to achieve and to analyse the combination of your income, expenses, current assets and current liabilities. The more income and equity you have in your assets, the more options you have in wealth creation.

As an example, some people are very enthusiastic about buying investment properties, but are concerned about their available cash flow from week to week. One way to manage this is to take out a loan with an interest only option so that the monthly repayments become lower than your traditional Principal and Interest loan. This example is one of many options that we look at to accommodate your financial goals.

Our expert brokers understand how to fit the right combination of loans and bank accounts to blend the best possible arrangement to save on interest, or leverage further deductions. We aim to at least halve your loan term, possibly even a third of the original term to reduce what you owe to the bank and simultaneously build your wealth up faster.

You can select from simple variable and fixed loans, through to a state-of-the-art wealth creation friendly loan set up. Whatever your stage in life, if you are dedicated and wish to quickly payout your home loan and your wealth, we have the structure that will be specifically tailored to your goals.

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