Australian Property

Living in Australia means you know some of the areas that you may wish to buy, and if you don’t know much about it, a cheap airfare or relying on a reputable property company is all you need to get started.

Generally, a property within walking distance of shops, transport and schools would secure a very good property, to live in or for investment. If you are buying an investment property, researching the location and buying through an agent is a good thing to do.

Otherwise if you do not want the headache of research, there are other parties who will do the research for you. Either way, it is very important to get the loan and investment structure right the first time – the ATO will not look at a re-structure of any investment favorably.

We will ensure that not only the loan is set up correctly, depending on the reason and the time line that you wish to buy and keep the property for, but also some hints on what other documentation is required to maximise your deductions.

Remember that, as part of our wealth creation strategy, leveraging on a bigger tax refund is just as important as getting the loan structure and investment right.
If you require help in selecting a suitable property, please let us know and we can point you to an expert property adviser.

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