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Craig Richards

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You must have the

Financial IQ


All Seasons

of your life.

- Craig Richards: Founder of Money Orchard

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Grow Your MO

What They’re Saying About Money Orchard

We don’t like to brag… We prefer the results from investors to speak for themselves!

"Because of Money Orchard, I have 5 investment properties that are bringing in rents that are positively geared, I have $60,000 dollars in a cash off-set that will be going into another property very soon. I’m building a passive income for my wife and family. I have more choices than obligations!

Simon and Sarah Ung

Young Investors

"Money Orchard came up with a strategy that would help us to get rid of our debt faster and allow us to move forward. As a result of that, we are now in the black and we’re in a pretty good position. The education is thorough and I love it!

Craig & Tracey Ormsby

Retirement Planning

"With Money Orchard we achieved our first goal of buying our home and he helped us finance our first investment property. Yet we are grateful that he was emotionally there as a friend and professional as an estate advisor after mums passing. We are so grateful for everything you’ve done!

Michael & Natalie Refalo

First Home Buyers

Meet The Team

penrith_waratah_footbal_club_c1930In every game, you need to have a great team of people who know how to bring the results. Meet our staff who know how to play the game of money! Read More

Satisfaction Ratings

At Money Orchard, we measure our success by the levels of satisfaction our investors have for our services and the results we’ve been able to deliver. As we help our clients build their wealth, we grow our Money Orchard!

”Financial ”87″%
”Mortgages ”91″%
”Investment ”77″%
”Debt ”82″%
”Professional ”95″%